Bugs 2.0 releasecandidate

tkuypers at pandora.be tkuypers at pandora.be
Mon May 12 15:10:01 CDT 2003

I think there are a few things not working the way they should work in the
last beta...

- I placed an image from the image-library and it has got a tooltip, but I
can't find a way to make it empty in the Property-inspector. Via scripting
it works, but not through the usual way.
There is a field "Tooltip" for fields and buttons, but none for images or

- Setting a visual breakpoint (red dot in front of a script) still has got
some alignment problems. When setting a breakpoint, there is no way of
telling where it will break and if it will break, when using comments in the

- I miss the "clear all colors" in the inspector. I can inherit, but besides
scripting there is no way for removing all eight color-settings of an


Ton Kuypers

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