Positioning problems for pro's

Terry Vogelaar terry at discovery.nl
Mon May 12 01:24:02 EDT 2003

I want to make an application for both English and Dutch, for Mac OS 9, 
X and Windows, for multiple monitor sizes and some panes can be hidden 
or displayed. The problem is that each of these things influence the 
size and position of the elements. The language determines the size of 
some buttons, because words can be longer in one language. The platform 
also demands repositioning for many elements. And scaling the window or 
hiding a pane obviously do too.

What should I do? Should I use many property profiles to use multiple 
geometries for each object? (There are 4 panes and 3 of them can be 
hidden, so there are 8 possible combinations with panes; 2 languages 
and 3 OSes brings the (maximum) number of profiles to 48 for each 
element, each with its own geometry). Or should I use a very extended 
resizeStack handler with a nested switch structure?

Both solutions are rather complex, but is there a simple solution?

The cleverest thing I can think of at the moment is to position and 
resize the groups in a resizeStack handler, and then pass a handler to 
each group that takes care of each element in that group.

Am I overseeing something simple?


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