Help . . . can't get Object Properties palette

Roger Guay rogerguay at
Sun May 11 14:52:01 EDT 2003

I am running Mac OS X and RunRev 1.1.1 and I can no longer call up the 
"Object Properties" palette.  I noticed that prior to this, I would 
occasionally experience this difficulty for which a restart and/or 
reseting parameter RAM would sometimes be helpful.  I also have similar 
problem with the "Color & Pattern" palette.  Today, I've tried repeated 
restarts and reseting parameter RAM but to no avail.  The stack that 
I'm working on is about 1.1 MB with 44 groups and one card has 223 
controls and 379 lines of script . . . is this a problem?  I do notice 
that my problems remain even if have but one new stack open.  Can 
anyone please help?

TIA, Roger

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