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I didn't see your original post and don't know where to find it based 

on the number - do you have a url or thread title?  There should be an 

easy fix to whatever was causing the problem so you won't have to use 

avi. >>

Thanks Trevor here is most of it:

<<Hello, once again, I am leaning on the list.....

Still struggling with my video training stack for my Rev standalone product.

Using 1.1.1 on 9.1

Simple is best.  A 1 card stack with a group of buttons called "play 

tutorial"  which is used as an index and to start the various movies.  

Mouseup on each button just names the movie, sets the volume (becuse I was a 

bit erratic volumewise when I was recording) and sends playit which is caught 

by the card.

On the card I have:

on preOpenCard

  hide player "viewer"

  show group "play tutorial" 

end preOpenCard

on playit

  global gvid,gvol

  hide group "play tutorial" with visual effect dissolve

  wait 20 ticks

  set the filename of player "viewer" to "video/" & gvid

  set the currenttime of player viewer to 0

  set the playloudness of player "viewer" to gvol

  show player "viewer" with visual effect dissolve

  wait 20 ticks

  play player "viewer"

end playit

on playstopped

  hide player "viewer" with visual effect dissolve

  set the filename of player "viewer" to empty

  show group "play tutorial" with visual effect dissolve

end playstopped

Now, everything works fine.  EXCEPT if a user uses the fast forward button on 

the QT controler to go to the end of the movie (as opposed to dragging the 

blob or allowing the movie to play) the playstopped handler runs to show 

group play tutorial, then the whole thing seems to get stuck in a slowly 

flickering visual effect.  The stack refuses to respond to any clicks, and 

unless the debugger is open, neither will rev.  If the debugger is open, I 

can edit scripts, access the application overview, - all sorts, but still not 

use the stack and also not quit rev.  Happens everytime, and once a force 

quit took the system with it.>>

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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