yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Tue Feb 25 11:48:01 CST 2003

>Since nobody else jumped on this while I was in
>hiatus, I'll pick up the thread here.
>Maybe you recall that when Microsoft released
>Windows95, it broke the 8.3-filename limit. New
>applications would see the full name (254 char max).
>But older applications will show files as in the 8.3
>limit, and you get such funny things as "DATA~001.TXT"
>when you're looking for a file named "Data before
>Something similar is happening here: the classic MacOS
>imposed a 32 character limit on files and folders. And
>that's why you'll see the funny "#465ED" at the end of
>a long folder.
>Have you checked if you get the same behaviour in the
>PreBeta ? In that case, it could very well be a
>limitation of the CarbonLib-API and it was fixed by
>the transition to Mach-O executables for MetaCard 2.5
>/ RunRev 2.0
>If not, you'll have to figure out a way to convert
>from the real name to the short name. But I have no
>ideas for that at the moment. Someone else?
>Hope this helped,
Jan Schenkel.
It seems as it's better wwith Rev 2.0 pre beta
I caanot test the full script because I can't access the flds names 
in this pre beta
I've done some easy test with the "answer" dlog

answer file "Which file"
answer it

I get the full path without truncated name
I'm waiting a full version of rev 2.0 to test it definitively.

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