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Alex Rice alrice at
Thu Feb 20 15:50:01 CST 2003

On Thursday, February 20, 2003, at 12:34  PM, Kevin Miller wrote:

> On the Mac too?  What version of Rev?

Yep the printing artifacts with "lock screen" are on both Mac and 
Windows, Rev.1.1.1

> Can you send me a stack off-list.
> We're trying to get a handle on all the outstanding issues at the 
> moment

OK will do.

>> laid out with formatForPrinting off, with editing in mind)
> You probably do want to use this option and make the screen match it if
> necessary.

What do you mean " make the screen match it ". The docs say don't set 
formatForPrinting if the stack is going to be edited. Does that mean 
edited in the IDE, or a user typing in  a field?
I can't have a duplicate set of cards for printing, because when it's 
done this app is going to have upwards of a hundred cards, and I can't 
maintain two sets.

> It only takes effect after closing (remove from memory) and reopening 
> the
> stack.

I was closing it and reopening.. maybe the remove from memory part is 
what I was missing.

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