Force refresh a rotated, file referenced Image

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Tue Feb 11 00:09:01 EST 2003

You might try to go to the card (anew)
eg if there is only one card:
go to first card

or if there are other cards:
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On Dienstag, Feb 11, 2003, at 03:31 Europe/Zurich, Sannyasin 
Sivakatirswami wrote:

> I use the following to rotate jpegs, it works great... the only 
> problem is that the interface doesn't update. The image is rotated and 
> if I run a separate handler to show a different image in 
> "CurrentImage" then come back to the image I rotated, it shows the new 
> orientation in image "CurrentImage"
> global gCurrentFolder, gLastLine
> on mouseUp
>   put gCurrentFolder & fld "currentImage" into jai
>   put jai into tPath
>   create image "Thumb"
>   set the rect of image "thumb" to the rect of  image "currentImage"
>   set the imagedata of image "thumb" to the imagedata of  image 
> "currentImage"
>   set the topleft of image "thumb" to 200,200
>   set the angle of image "thumb" to -90
>   export image "thumb" to URL ("binfile:"&jai)  as JPEG
>   delete image "thumb"
>   set the filename of image "currentImage" to jai
>      ## but the image is not updated by the above line
> end mouseup
> is there a way to force refresh the image to the file path all in the 
> same handler?
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