What's happenning to my memory?

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at interisland.net
Thu Feb 6 04:20:00 CST 2003

Hello Rev list,

Well, with much advice and work I finally got my full screen stack to stay
put. Whew! It was quite the procedure.

I finally got it into position by

1) Setting editMenus to true. I didn't know I had to do that.

2) Resetting the dim's of the stack. I'd already tried that dozens of times,
but it always ended up back down where it was.

3) I saved the stack then closed the stack then reopened the stack.

   a. The first time I opened it, it came back in the correct position. I
      thought I was home free, but...
   b. The next time I opened it, it went down where it was before :-(

      How come? Is this a memory problem?

4) Finally, I tried a preOpenStack script which I had done before but it
didn't work: 

on preOpenStack
  set the rect of stack "VirtualKeyboard 1.0.rev" to "0,0,800,600"
end preOpenStack

5) I opened and closed the stack a number of times to be sure the thing
stayed put, which it did, finally.

...However, either opening the Transcript Dictionary or opening/closing the
stack 5 or 6 times caused my computer to dig way into Virtual Memory,
because the HD was busy for several minutes trying to close Rev, and the
screendraws got so slow I could follow the horizontal lines being drawn with
my eyes.

Anyone know just what may have happened?

Ken N.

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