Rotating Images without enlarging the image space

Tuviah M Snyder diskot123 at
Wed Feb 5 13:53:11 CST 2003

>Does anyone know how to rotate an image by 90 degrees without creating
>a larger image?  I need to rotate clock or anti-clockwise by a straight
> 90 degrees.  Problem is, all rotations seem to enlarge to the square of
> the largest side.  Save moving the data pixel-by-pixel using a
> Transcript matrix transform (slowish) is there another way?  I don't
> fancy lots of imagedata manipulation... I'm sure there is a simple way.
> Currently I'm rotating, grouping and resizing group (brings corners
> in).  Not good.
No problem, in 2.0 set the locklocation of the image to true (so it
doesn't resize), and then use then set the angle property of the image to

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