Flash command

Scott Slaugh xslaugh at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 2 20:28:01 EST 2003

Underneath this message is a script I have developed that creates something 
that looks a lot like the flash command from HyperCard.  It is designed to 
go into two buttons in order to stay within the 10 line script limit. If you 
want, you can combine the script into one item.

When I wrote this, my two buttons were named flash 1 and flash 2.  If you 
name your buttons something different, then you will need to modify the last 
line of the script for button 1 so that it will work by changing the name of 
the button to the name of the button you placed the script in.

The constant flashticks in the second button script specifies how long the 
computer waits between each flash.  It is measured in ticks.

If you want me to combine this into one script for you, email me.  Also 
email me if you have any problems.  Enjoy!

Scott Slaugh

--Button 1 script
on mouseUp
  global flashnumber
  ask "How many flashes?"
  put it into flashnumber
  if (flashnumber is empty) or (flashnumber is not an integer) or 
(flashnumber contains "-") then put 5 into flashnumber
  set the shownamme of the templatebutton to false
  set the showborder of the templatebutton to false
  set the rect of the templatebutton to the screenrect
  set the backcolor of the templatebutton to black
  create button "flashscreen"
  send flashscreen to btn "flash 2"
end mouseUp

--Button 2 Script
on flashscreen
  global flashnumber
  constant flashticks=5
  put the backcolor of this cd into oldbackcolor
  set the backcolor of this cd to white
  set the layer of btn "flashscreen" to top
  repeat flashnumber times
    if the opaque of btn "flashscreen" is true then
      set the opaque of btn "flashscreen" to false
    --  set the backcolor of btn "flashscreen" to black
      set the opaque of btn "flashscreen" to true
    end if
    wait flashticks ticks
  end repeat
  set the backcolor of this cd to oldbackcolor
  delete btn "flashscreen"
  choose browse tool
end flashscreen

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