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Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Dec 31 14:13:48 EST 2003

On 12/31/03 10:14 AM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

>> Rev returns a useless compiling error that reads:
>> Type    Function: missing '('
>> Object  Button 1
>> Line
>> Hint
>> I assume there must be some bug occurring here?  At this point I need to
>> join the Hair Club for Men.
> I know you've already found a workaround, but the error message makes me
> wonder if the problem is just in the syntax; i.e., the functions are
> lacking either the parentheses or the requisite "the". In other words,
> either of these might also work:
> drag from the topleft of img "wdm" to the bottomright of img "wdm"
> drag from topleft(img "wdm") to bottomright(img "wdm")

Thanks for the suggestion but no go.  Same problem:  the script will
intermittently show a compile error and when run, the select tool is
selected but no selection is made.

> I didn't exactly test this, because when I ran your sample script I
> didn't get any errors.

Right.  Running the script doesn't generate an error, it simply skips over
the "drag..." part of the script and finishes.

> Do you have some non-standard scripts inserted somewhere?

Here's the entire script:

on mouseUp
  choose select tool
  drag from topleft of img "wdmask" to bottomright of img "wdmask"
end mouseUp

I don't think so but apparently Rev does. :)


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