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In a message dated 31/12/03 5:03:21 PM, JB writes:

>Last but not least, the need to purchase a license from Adobe
>when building an app generating PDF code has been mentioned
>(by me and confirmed by someone else) a few weeks ago on
>this list. Does it apply also in case of a 100% free and open source
>library for Rev ?

Now I know nothing about this except what James Walker said about it re his 
PrintToPDF thingy. <A HREF="http://www.jwwalker.com/">http://www.jwwalker.com/

"Am I In Trouble?
Several people have written to ask me whether I have heard from Adobe lawyers.
The answer is no, and I don’t expect to. Adobe published the specifications 
for PDF,
and there are many other non-Adobe programs that create or manipulate PDF 

PrintToPDF has been around for a long time, so I think if there was a 
problem, it would have been apparent by now.

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