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Dar Scott dsc at
Tue Dec 30 18:11:04 EST 2003

On Tuesday, December 30, 2003, at 01:25 PM, Ken Norris wrote:

> I'm assuming I can go through the pixels and set all the white ones 
> outside
> the black area to transparent, but how do I retrieve the rectangular 
> size of
> the pasted area?

I want to know all those other things, too.  But, I might have a hint 
for this one.

I have seen the pasted image fill the card.  Is that what you see?  
(This is a pain, so I am on a watch for a clever way to get around 

The size of an image is the formatted width and the formatted height.  
If it hasn't been resized, that is the height and width.  (Yikes, I 
think that means I may have said something wrong about Trevor's 

However, to do the white to transparent transform, you don't need to 
know.  Each pixel in imageData is four chars.  Each pixel in maskData 
is one char.  The number of pixels are the same.  Create a string 
adding one mask byte for each four image bytes.  Then set the maskData. 
  (All brain fluff; I have not done this, yet.)

Dar Scott

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