Script help needed

David Squance squance at
Tue Dec 30 11:25:24 CST 2003

>How about:

>  do "put empty into fld" && quote & temp2 & quote



Thanks, Ken, but it didn't.

>Is there actually a field <temp2> on the card where
>the result is found ?

Yes, that card has a field with the name that is the
value of the variable, temp2

>So a possible solution is the use o the long ID :
>  put the drawnumber of this card into temp2
>  put the long ID of fld temp2 into tFieldLongID
>  toplevel stack "draw lists"
>  find temp1
>  put empty into fld tFieldLongID

Thanks, but I don't think so.  There's no field <temp2>
in the card of the stack which contains the custom
property providing input to the variable, temp2.  But the
problem, it seem to me, is using the value drawn from a
customproperty, putting it into a variable and then trying
to access a field of that name.  Since the button is part of
a background, and the value of the custom property will
vary, I don't see how working IDs into the mix will be viable.

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