CPU running hot

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 28 11:13:40 EST 2003

JonathanC at ag.nsw.gov.au wrote:

> To which Alex Rice <alex at mindlube.com>, on Fri, 26 Dec 2003, replied:
>> And that button is the culprit right there.
>> It's really OS X's fault,
>> for making pulsating gumdrop eye candy
>> that uses tons of CPU resources.
>> (and it is the OS that's doing the rendering,
>> not Rev). I think it's
>> not just Revolution apps that have this problem.
> I'm not so sure. I just tried the Search dialog boxes in Lotus Notes 6,
> Word X and TextEdit 1.2, ALL of which have pulsating, blue Default
> buttons, and NONE of them made the CPU monitor hit the maximum the way
> that Revolution does.

And none of those are authoring tools which allow you to place pulsing
buttons against backgrounds other than the OS default striped background.

In order to provide the flexibility demanded of a multimedia tool, the
button has to be buffered to render against any background a developer might
choose.  Multimedia developers are a picky lot, and not all of them always
want the background Steve Jobs says they should want.

I don't know what Tuviah has planned, but judging from how other programmer
have dealth with this I suspect he can allow a less CPU-intensive rendering
only with an option for reduced flexibility.

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