Paste card not implemented

Rodney Tamblyn rodneyta at
Sun Dec 28 06:09:27 EST 2003

In Rev 2.1.2:

doMenu "Copy Card"
--> ok
doMenu "Paste Card"
-> "Paste card" not implemented

We always had copy/paste card in Metacard, I've only just noticed that 
this seems to be missing in Revolution.  Seems a rather basic feature 
to be absent.  Also, while we are on the subject of reorganising cards: 
  it would be good to be able to drag and drop cards within the listing 
in the Application Browser to reorganise cards, and have a few more 
features implemented in the context menu of that stack (such as 
cut/copy card).

~ Rodney

Rodney Tamblyn
44 Melville Street
New Zealand
+64 3 4778606

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