Transparency confusion

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> Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 21:47:16 -0800
> From: Ken Norris <pixelbird at>
> Subject: Re: Transparency confusion
>> Why is this?  Is it the time required to change windowShapes?  Is it
>> the work required to get the image to make the windowShapes?
> -----------
> Well, yeah...all of the above. I think you'd have to make each character a
> separate graphical element in a windowShape.
This turned out not to be quite true, I think. You should be able to make a
*line* of text into a bit-mapped GIF image, turn it into a windowShape, and
scroll it by changing its loc.

I wasn't able to put this together in Rev because I cannot create 1-bit
transparent bg GIFs or PNGs right now, but I *did* build one in SuperCard as
a customPalette. 

I made a bit-mapped image and knocked out the centers of letters as needed
(a's, o's, e's, p's, d's, etc.). I started the window off screen-right and
updated it's loc in an idle handler, but in Rev you might be able to send in

However, as I expected, it flickers because of the constant redraws of the
window as moves.

Just an idea...

Ken N. 

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