CPU running hot

Neville Smythe Neville.Smythe at anu.edu.au
Thu Dec 25 20:42:44 EST 2003

I have been concerned that the fan on my PowerBook runs continuously 
when developing with RunRev (v2.1.2 under Mac OS 10.3). Tracked it down 
to a VERY bad bug...

Try this. Open the Activity Monitor and start up the CPU monitor; open 
the Find & Replace window in RunRev, and type anything into the search 
field so that the Find button pulsates --- no need to actually start 
the search. The CPU immediately jumps to running flat out and stays 
that way, in fact even if you put RunRev into the background and hide 
it in the dock! (Don't try this with a  G4 Powerbook sitting on your 
lap, it will quickly get unbearably hot.)

This is a Bad Thing! It reduces the response from all running apps, 
drains the battery unnecessarily and could actually damage the computer 
in the long term.

There is an easy work-around --- clear the search field after 
performing a search: the CPU will quickly revert to a more normal 10% 
or so level and the fan will turn off after cooling the computer. But  
RunRev needs to fix this in the next version!

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