Cascading menu

Ironmaan at Ironmaan at
Wed Dec 24 12:12:54 EST 2003

Hi all, 
Its me again with my cascading menu problem. I have made progress but I now 
believe that the cascading menu buttons are a bit buggy. Previously I mentioned 
that when I clicked on an item, the menu just hanged and I could highlight 
and unhighlight a menuItem without a MenuPick message being sent. Nothing 

I now can get a menuPick message sent but I must highlight the item with my 
mouse and then press the return key. I would like to just click with the mouse.

Also, The button is not consistant in the way that it activates. It does not 
always cascade when I hover over the button and sometimes it does. When it 
doesn't, it requires a mouse clik.    I have tried all of the options for 
accessing a button with a mouse.

Also, when will manuals be available. I'm new to revolution (if you haven't 
guessed) and not having a manual makes the learning curve rather drawn out.

Sincere thanks,

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