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How do you turn on "transcript terminology"?

I would prefer that.


On Dec 23, 2003, at 8:27 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 12/23/03 6:16 PM, Jim Carwardine wrote:
>> Thanks, again, Jacque.  One more niggling little thing I can't figure 
>> out...
>> When I shut down Rev and reopen it, the button icon I created reverts 
>> back
>> to it's original size, but cropped to the size of the button.  I'm 
>> sure it's
>> because I'm storing the reference to the original pict, but what do I 
>> store
>> to indicate the new size?
> An image will revert to its natural size whenever the card is next 
> opened, unless the image is locked in place. Set the image's 
> lockLocation property to true and save the stack. You only have to do 
> this once during development. Images with their lockLoc set to true 
> can still be sized via script but do not automatically resize on 
> opencard, and can't be resized with the mouse.
> Use the property inspector (under the Size and Position tab) to set 
> this. If you don't have transcript terminology turned on, the checkbox 
> is called "lock size and position".
> The button icon is always the same size as the original image, so when 
> the original reverts, the icon on the button does too.
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