Corruption of stack using clone

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Tue Dec 23 22:07:22 CST 2003

Hello everyone,

I have been building a rather large project and have a series of 
substacks for individual sections that are like slide presentations.
Anyway, I have a card that has all the code I want to use with the 
buttons etc. on it. So I have been cloning the substack about 12 times 
and then change the name and assign the clone to the main stack of my 
Well first there seemed to be weird issues with the code I had actually 
running. It would search a path to a folder and load the files in it. 
Well I would have to close and open the substack a couple of times 
before the images changed to the ones in the folder I specified.

Then WHAMM the whole thing went corrupt and then REV went corrupt and 
then the application browser would not show the application just one of 
the substacks and all kinds of really nasty stuff. I had to force quit 
twice before it died a terrible death.

Well I happened to be using the Altplugin for archives and tried to 
open my last back up and REV was just not working. I mean it was sick. 
Any way I reinstalled Revolution and copied my plugins over and then 
deleted the 'old' rev app.

NOW using the new installed version I opened the archive version and 
the corrupt version of my project and the bad version only showed a few 
of the substacks. So i assigned the substacks to a new empty stack one 
at a time and got all of the substacks that I would have lost since my 
last archive. Then i quit out of rev and opened my GOOD archive and the 
new untitled stack and re-assigned the substacks back over to the GOOD 
version of my app.

I then made the links to the substacks from my cards in my main stack.

WELL everything seems to be working OK now. Thank God for Altplugin.

(REV should have a built in archiving feature if it is going to go 
around corrupting its own files and such)

HAS anyone had the clone stack do this to them????

I need to clone about another 50 substacks of the master substack and 
don't want to corrupt my app again.

Any help is going to really make me calm down.



Macintosh PowerBook G-4 OSX 10.3.1, OS 9.2.2, 1.25 GHz, 512MB RAM, Rev 

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