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I think you are right on the money. And I would add "Don't ever name a 
substack with just numbers" I have tried it now twice and it has 
corrupted my whole stack and I hope not REV.

I did do archives this time and lost no work but have learned a 
horrible lesson.

Thanks for the response


On Dec 23, 2003, at 11:33 PM, Alex Rice wrote:

> On Dec 23, 2003, at 9:07 PM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:
>> HAS anyone had the clone stack do this to them????
>> I need to clone about another 50 substacks of the master substack and 
>> don't want to corrupt my app again.
>> Any help is going to really make me calm down.
> Not exactly- but here are some things to watch out for
> 1) Close the application browser while you are doing what you 
> described. I think it would just be safer because - I don't know - gut 
> feeling
> 2) Never, ever get into a situation where you have stacks or substacks 
> open with the same name. That's a recipe for either stacks/substacks 
> getting lost, or corrupted. That's been bugzillad.
> 3) If you set the substacks property of the mainstack, and you leave 
> out a substack name, then poof, that substack will be deleted without 
> warning.
> I ran into this problem because I sometimes need to clone a substack, 
> then sort the substacks property in a particular way because I have a 
> lot of substacks and I like them to appear sorted, by substack 
> category, in the Application Browser. Application Browser doesn't 
> allow reordering of the stack names, so here is what I do:
> clone substack
> rename cloned stack
> set the mainstack of the cloned stack
> open the mainstack's property inspector
> custom properties | add "substacks" property
> edit the substacks property in the inspector
> but *beware* if the property editor loses keyboard focus, the property 
> will be applied, and you are stuck with it. It's easy to lose 
> substacks this way. My workaround is to use the Emacs keybindings for 
> editing instead of using the mouse :-)
> Now maybe I shouldn't be editing the substacks property this way, to 
> get the Application Browser to display the order of stacks I want it 
> to , but IMHO
> - App browser should have a feature for re-ordering the display of 
> stacks
> - Rev should not do something so drastic as drop substacks without 
> confirming with the user first.
> - Rev should fix the naming collisions problem with when stacks have 
> the same name.
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