Scrolling thumbnail gallery

Frank Leahy frank at
Mon Dec 22 15:28:35 CST 2003


I'm trying out Revolution, to see how it stacks up against RealBasic, 
and I'm having trouble understanding whether it's possible to create a 
scrolling thumbnail gallery.

I'd like to select a folder, read all the jpegs into images (creating 
thumbnails along the way), and place them in a group so they're all 
scrollable (4 across, by n down).

Secondly, I'd like to be able to create an alternate thumbnail view, 
one which scrolls vertically, where each image has two editable fields 
(title and description) to the right of it.

As the number of images is indeterminate, I need to be able to create, 
and place, dozens or even hundreds of images and edit fields in a group 
on the fly.  I've looked at all the example stacks I could find, but 
none seem to be about creating or manipulating groups.

Finally, I'd then like to be able to use drag and drop so the user can 
reorder the images.  I've tried doing drag and drop with an image 
that's in a group, as I'd like the user to be able to drop an image 
between two other images in order to place the image.  Unfortunately 
the drop event doesn't get triggered in the group script when the drop 
happens in the space between two images, only when you drop on a group 


Thanks in advance,
-- Frank Leahy


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