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OH and the most important thing I left out is:
This is the best list I have ever been apart of !!! The people are 
helpful and suggestive and just generally good people. If you have 
problems come here and you WILL find an answer or a direction to look 

Everyone here has helped me with my transition to REV. Even when it was 
quite obvious that I didn't read the docs and was being very lazy about 
it. I hope to give back to this community what was given to me.



On Dec 22, 2003, at 7:56 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:

> John,
> I am new to Revolution but spent years developing in SuperCard. I 
> started using REV in late October and have creates a marketing CD for 
> a third party that is cross platform in just two months. I can say 
> that REV seems solid on both WIN and Mac as far as system differences 
> go. The only gotchas that I have seen are mostly in my own lack of 
> understanding for "One tool" and one stack to work on both systems. A 
> lot of pre planning is needed to deal with the visual issues of both 
> platforms.
> Rev does have a few gotchas within it's own IDE that I believe are 
> getting worked on as we speak and yes I have had to learn quickly how 
> to get around them.
> My problem areas were:
> 	Treating groups correctly. In my case OVER correctly. :-)
> 	Text formatting for both platforms. And inconsistent issues within 
> REV. - This is being worked on.
> 	Dealing with systems that don't have Quicktime. - More of a 
> understanding issue
> 	GUI differences on both platforms.
> 	New functions and syntax from what I was used to.
> 	Relative paths and defaultFolder. - there is a fix for in development.
> I have learned quickly and feel very comfortable in a short time.
> I downloaded Every stack I could find online and read every line of 
> code in them. I still go back and open one or two a day and 'rip' them 
> apart for understanding.
> I don't know about number 2. and 3. is in the Groups. P.S. if you 
> don't make the group first before you make new cards then it won't be 
> included on each new card after the fact. I just right a button to 
> repeat for number of cards and paste. Then before I hit the button I 
> do a copy of the grouped objects. It does not seem to cause any 
> adverse affects having to do this. I wish there were a way to create a 
> 'background' element. However if you already have a background group 
> on all cards you can add to this group after the fact and the new 
> object within this group will be included in all cards that have that 
> background group.
> Tom
> On Dec 21, 2003, at 7:53 PM, John Ballard wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've been developing courseware with ToolBook for about 7 years, but 
>> I'm a
>> brand new user to Runtime Revolution.
>> I'm excited about the cross-platform possiblities. I'm ultimatly 
>> looking for
>> a second development tool and possibly something to switch to for 
>> full-time
>> development.
>> If anyone can help me with the following concerns, It'd be much 
>> appreciated.
>> 1. Are there any examples of large-scale distributions of anything 
>> created
>> with Runtime Revolution? Specifically, I'm looking to see if there 
>> are any
>> "gotcha" distribution issues, say some minor conflict that would pop 
>> up on
>> Windows XP Home with a certain type of video card. The applications I 
>> build
>> get distributed to many thousands so I have to look far down the 
>> road. I'm
>> not asking this question as anything against Runtime Revolution's
>> stability--it's just that ToolBook is riddled with "gotchas" that 
>> have taken
>> me half a decade to find and workaround. Just want to know if it's a
>> similiar experience here.
>> 2. Is there any way to dock all of the toolbars in the development
>> environment to make it more of a one-window application. I"m trying 
>> the
>> program out in Windows, but will also try it out in OSX soon. I 
>> understand I
>> can edit the development-environment stacks, but this is a bit 
>> ambitious
>> since I just got started. :-)
>> 3. Is there such a thing as a "background" or a "master 
>> page/stack/card" or
>> a "shared card" in Runtime Revolution? I'm looking for a way to put
>> something like a "next" button on this instead of having 200 copies 
>> of the
>> same "next" button on 200 cards.
>> Thanks in advance for any help provided,
>> John Ballard
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