Stack shift on 800X 600 Display on OSX

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Mon Dec 22 00:36:50 EST 2003

Again this is happening on stacks you can check out yourself at:

Scenario is that I have a "home"  splash screen stack that is 750 X 550 set to open at the screenloc on start up, which it does. Then, to open a substack I am using: 

 open stack "dws Youth" in window (the windowID of this stack)

Now, when i open run this on my cinema display, it appears in the center of the screen as expected. clicking the "begin" button which calls the substack into the same window works perfectly -- it snaps exactly into place over the previous mainstack.  so far so good... and my navigation buttons which are running at the bottom right of the stack close to the edge appear fine also.

but, when I change the display to 800 X 600,  opening the main stack does work. it comes in at the screen loc,  just below the mac menu bar with the title bar of the stack shown, but now, when I hit "Begin" and call the substack into the main stack window space, something strange happens. The substack appears, but is offset upward by the distance of its' title bar. This appears to the user as a jump upward on the screen. what seems to be happening is that the top left coordinate of the stack window image area,  just below the title bar of the stack,  i.e. NOT the topleft of the substack's title bar, is "posted" so  to speak to the top left of the window where the main stack previously was, but that coordinate was the top left corner of the title bar of the main stack... not it's "image" area.... The substack now has it's title bar under the mac menubar. this behavior was also report by someone with a 800 X 600 display, so I don't think is just a local anamoly in the OSX shift from a cinema pixel display of 1440 X 900 to 800 X 600.

This appears to be a bug to me... but I don't have any machines in house with a 800 X 600 screen to test on...

Second problem is that in the 800 X 600 display mode, the bottom 10 pixels of my substack are hidden... it appears as of the OSX shadow has "eaten" into the stack height... but this doesn't happen with the display set to a larger than stack size rect. I'll try turning the shadow off to see it that helps.. . I really can't reduce the stack height any more... so hoping to solve this one, as it is cutting into navigation buttons at the bottom of the stack.

If you have been through this maze already and can offer any help I would really appreciate it.

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