Stack shift on 800X 600 Display on OSX

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800x600 on my G4 15" laptop does that bottom cut off thing and is fine 
in XP and 2000. I adjusted my stack to fix this at startup to handle 
this on 800x600 screens BUT now on XP I have too much space at top and 
bottom. It appears 800x600 is not the same in all worlds to me.

I wonder if OSX has issues with 800x600 screen sizes???

Or it's a bug. :-)


On Dec 22, 2003, at 12:36 AM, katir at wrote:

> Again this is happening on stacks you can check out yourself at:
> Scenario is that I have a "home"  splash screen stack that is 750 X 
> 550 set to open at the screenloc on start up, which it does. Then, to 
> open a substack I am using:
>  open stack "dws Youth" in window (the windowID of this stack)
> Now, when i open run this on my cinema display, it appears in the 
> center of the screen as expected. clicking the "begin" button which 
> calls the substack into the same window works perfectly -- it snaps 
> exactly into place over the previous mainstack.  so far so good... and 
> my navigation buttons which are running at the bottom right of the 
> stack close to the edge appear fine also.
> but, when I change the display to 800 X 600,  opening the main stack 
> does work. it comes in at the screen loc,  just below the mac menu bar 
> with the title bar of the stack shown, but now, when I hit "Begin" and 
> call the substack into the main stack window space, something strange 
> happens. The substack appears, but is offset upward by the distance of 
> its' title bar. This appears to the user as a jump upward on the 
> screen. what seems to be happening is that the top left coordinate of 
> the stack window image area,  just below the title bar of the stack,  
> i.e. NOT the topleft of the substack's title bar, is "posted" so  to 
> speak to the top left of the window where the main stack previously 
> was, but that coordinate was the top left corner of the title bar of 
> the main stack... not it's "image" area.... The substack now has it's 
> title bar under the mac menubar. this behavior was also report by 
> someone with a 800 X 600 display, so I don't think is just a local 
> anamoly in the OSX shift
>   from a cinema pixel display of 1440 X 900 to 800 X 600.
> This appears to be a bug to me... but I don't have any machines in 
> house with a 800 X 600 screen to test on...
> Second problem is that in the 800 X 600 display mode, the bottom 10 
> pixels of my substack are hidden... it appears as of the OSX shadow 
> has "eaten" into the stack height... but this doesn't happen with the 
> display set to a larger than stack size rect. I'll try turning the 
> shadow off to see it that helps.. . I really can't reduce the stack 
> height any more... so hoping to solve this one, as it is cutting into 
> navigation buttons at the bottom of the stack.
> If you have been through this maze already and can offer any help I 
> would really appreciate it.
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