Any Russian developers out there?

tkuypers at tkuypers at
Mon Dec 22 07:25:11 EST 2003

We are using FileMaker 6 on a Russian Windows PC. When entering data in the
database, it looks fine, all text is Russian.
Then we export it to an XML-file, which we need to analyze and work with in
Revolution, but all we get is garbage-text.
We tried all kind of encodings, but we can¹t seem to get proper Russian text
into Revolution running on an international PC.

The strange thing is that it doesn¹t show up in an Explorer-window, so we
suspect there is something wrong with the export out of FileMaker, not the
import into Revolution, but is there anyone in this community who might
confirm this? Or better, is there anyone who worked out a working solution
between foreign databases (encodings) and International Rev-apps?


Ton Kuypers

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