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Bob Hartley bob at
Mon Dec 22 07:11:51 EST 2003

At 22:05 21/12/2003, you wrote:
>Revolution has a progress bar object - it is a variation of the scrollbar 
>so you can get to it in the Tools palette by holding down the mouse button 
>on the scrollbar button until the sub-menu pops out and offers you the 
>progress bar.

Sarah AGAIN :-))))

>When you have made your progress bar, there are two properties you need to 
>control programmatically: endValue and thumbPosition
>The easiest way is just to use the file count, unless you want to get 
>really fancy and use the file size as well. Assuming you are going for 
>file count, I have added some extra lines to your script below:
>>on mouseUp
>>   answer folder "Please choose a folder:"
>>   put it into destFolder
>>   set the itemDelimiter to "/"
>>   put field 1 into theFiles
>put the number of lines in theFiles into fileCount
>set the endValue of scrollbar "Progress" to fileCount
>set the thumbPosition of scrollbar "Progress" to 0
>show scrollbar "Progress"
>put 0 into currentFileNumber
>>   repeat for each line f in theFiles
>>     put destFolder & "/" & last item of f into newFile
>>     revCopyFile f, newFile
>add 1 to currentFileNumber
>set the thumbPosition of scrollbar "Progress" to currentFileNumber
>>   end repeat
>set the thumbPosition of scrollbar "Progress" to \
>    the endValue of scrollbar "Progress"
>hide scrollbar "Progress"
>>end mouseUp

This works (almost perfectly). Thank you very much. The updated application 
is on

Now there is one slight problem (well not a problem)

the progress bar is visible on startup and onthe first search, hoewever if 
you do a second file-transfer the progress bar only appears when the 
transfer is completeing not before and after.

This is NOT a problem :-) just an asthetic thing.

Any ideas?

PS I'm going ot get to grips with revolution a bit over the christmas break 
if my laptop holds out. (screen has an fl-inverter problem , toshiba design 

these snippets of code you have given me are invaluable for learning..

Thanks Again

bob; Sunny Scotland

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