Capturing Audio and Video with RevRun

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Dec 21 05:42:26 EST 2003

Hi Michael,

> Hi Klaus,
> Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately with our Logitech web-cam on 
> Windows 2000,
> I couldn't get the build to work with it. I'm quite new to Revolution 
> though so I may have
> missed something in the build process. I did check the "Use Video for 
> Windows" option
> but none of the buttons responded. I'll keep trying though since I 
> have a few days left on the trial version.
> Would you happen to know if it matters that the web-cam we're using is 
> USB?

Sorry, no experience...

Maybe other listmembers can help here?

> Thanks again,
> Michael


Klaus Major
klaus at

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