debug an External with XCode on OS X

Alex Rice alex at
Sun Dec 21 02:18:38 EST 2003

On Dec 20, 2003, at 3:33 AM, Alex Rice wrote:
> Also XCode has a bazillion places to set compiler linker settings. To 
> be sure, do Project menu | Edit Active Target and make the settings 
> there. If you do something else like Get Info on your Project styles- 
> you are setting something else- who knows what :-/

Never mind that. XCode just has a many ways to specify compiler 
settings. The Project build styles are at the top-level (customized, 
common, general, etc). Then the Target build styles are applied. I 
haven't figured out if the target build styles override or get merged 
with the Project styles. It's a mystery to me. Anyways, between the 
project build styles and the target build styles, you should be able to 
turn on debugging symbols somewhere. :-)

Glad this is helping you out Dar and Trevor.

XCode good. Fine debugger. Try out zerolink and fix+continue if you 
haven't already.

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