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Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Fri Dec 19 00:37:26 EST 2003

On 19 Dec 2003, at 3:31 pm, DavidSquance wrote:

> The following statements are taken from the docs (RR2.1.1).  They seem
> contradictory to me.
> ---A stack is unlocked if its cantModify property is set to true.
That seems to be backwards.
> ---If a stack's cantModify property is set to true, the user cannot 
> choose
> any tool except the Browse ---tool. This prevents the user from moving,
> resizing, creating, or deleting objects.
> Does it make any difference if this is checked in a palette stack?
No - palettes cannot be modified directly although they are not locked 
so can be edited through the Application Browser or by scripting. 
However both modeless & palette stacks act as if the browse tool is 
chosen, no matter what tool you actually have selected.
> As well, somewhere in the docs I thought I saw that controls in a 
> palette
> act on the current editable stack.  I created a palette for the 
> purpose of
> allowing navigation between cards (my project has 3 stacks which would 
> use
> this palette).  It has simple arrow buttons.  Another palette for 
> switching
> between stacks works fine.  The menu items (in the development 
> environment)
> of go prev, first, last, etc. work fine.  I tried the tip from the 
> docs of
> putting the "got message" line in the script, and that worked.  But the
> card switching doesn't happen.  It would appear that the messages are 
> stuck
> in the palette stack, and not going to the current stack.
I would try something like:
	go to next card of the topStack
I don't think the palette can automatically decide which stack to 
operate on.

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