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On 12/16/03 6:32 PM, Jim Carwardine wrote:

> I¹m very new to Revolution and I have a question.  I¹m designing a database
> that is relational in the sense that there are parent/child relationships
> between records that can go many levels deep.  When I look at a parent
> record, I want to see all of the first level children of that record in a
> list.  Each record has a number of fields I want to show.  What I seem to be
> reading in the docs for Rev is that I can place a vertical scroll bar on the
> card that will allow the fields in the card to scroll, which is exactly what
> I want to do.  Is that clear enough for someone to get me started?  How do I
> do it?   Jim

The easiest way is to create a very tall card with enough space to lay 
out all your fields. The card can be taller than the screen if 
necessary. Then group all the fields and objects on the card. In the 
property inspector, set the group to have a vertical scrollbar. Then 
resize both the group and the stack window to be smaller than the card 
so that the scrollbar becomes active. If you set the size of the group 
to be the same size as the stack window, it will look just like a 
scrolling document.

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