COM objects?

Alex Rice alex at
Tue Dec 16 17:24:39 EST 2003

On Dec 16, 2003, at 3:15 PM, Steve Ralston wrote:

> We might be working on a Rev app that sits on a Unix server and talks 
> to a couple other programs, if it is possible. I'm not at all 
> well-versed in COM, so if I say something blatantly stupid regarding 
> COM, please forgive and bear with me.

There could be Unix implementations of COM but it is generally a MS 
Windows-only tech.

AFIAK Rev can't do COM, Windows or not, without some fancy C external 

For interprocess communication on Unix one might expect TCP/IP or 
shared memory or pipes and processes. Or CORBA or other "ORB"s (object 
request brokers).

Revolution has TCP/IP and open process support. But not shared memory 
or the others.

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