Why need "card" to specify field?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Dec 16 14:28:08 EST 2003

jbv wrote:

> Andrew,
> That's because in HC "card fields" and "background fields" were
> different kinds of controls. Such difference doesn't exist in Rev.
> JB
>> In a stack imported from a HyperCard stack, I need to prefix a
>> reference to a field with the word "card". E.g. evaluating 'the rect of
>> field "x"' in the message box fails with "no such object" but
>> evaluating 'the rect of card field "x"' works.
>> In other Rev stack I've created, the word "card" is not necessary.
>> Rereading the Rev Dictionary info for HC programmers, and about
>> importing stacks, I see nothing about this. Looking in the dictionary
>> for the "field" keyword and the field objects says nothing about this.
>> Searching for "card field" turns up nothing.
>> Why is this extra word necessary?

Only in imported stacks.  There's a stack property which governs this (the
hcAddressing?) which is on by default for imported stacks and off on
natively built stacks.

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