Apple script problems

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Tue Dec 16 13:06:08 EST 2003

>Hi Jim,
>Sorry to come to the discussion so late, but couldn't
>you avoid a lot of problems by hooking Revolutions
>straight into the FMPro database via the Query Manager
>and ODBC ?
>This way you can use SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE
>sql-sueries to fetch and manipulate data inside your
>FMPro database.
>There are a few people on this list who have used such
>solutions to circumvent limitations in FMPro. If you
>need more information, don't hesitate to poke the
>Jan Schenkel.


I thought that Rev only communicated with certain select databases. 
 From the doc under "revOpenDatabasse" it says:

           The databaseType is one of "MySQL","Oracle" (Revolution 
Enterprise only), "ODBC", "PostgreSQL", or "Valentina".

I tried a while back to work with one of these and was quickly 
overwhelmed. Sarah was a big help but, in the end, it seems I was 
better off sticking to my old technology, i.e. FileMaker => text file 
=> Run Rev => text file, and finally => FileMaker. Low tech, but it 

There is one possibility I haven't fully explored, and that is to use 
AppleScript to import maybe half of the FMP file at a time into Run 
Rev and then patching the two together in RR. I'm worried, however, 
about transferring the pieces back into FMP from RR.


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