Download pools [was] My game is finished. Yibbah!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Dec 15 13:37:19 EST 2003

Malte Brill wrote:

> I´ve announced the game on and today.
> Do you happen to know other Download pools I can post information on it?
> (esp. for Windows, there I am a bit unexperienced.)

Too many to list here - see this list as a starting point:


Which raises this question again:  with the growing popularity of the PAD
file format for submitting software to download sites (see
<>), has anyone made a PAD generator for
use in Rev?

I can make one for myself, but it raises a deeper question:  should we
consider a standard set of properties for application metadata (version,
title, copyright, etc.)?  I use a standard set across most of my stuff, but
if we were to adopt a standard across all Rev stuff we could more easily
exchange smarter tools.

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