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Sun Dec 14 12:29:21 EST 2003

Hi Klaus & Rob,

Thanks for your help.

At least, I found a solution for MacOS X :

the following commands

	put replaceText(shell("defaults read NSGlobalDomain 
	put replaceText(shell("defaults read NSGlobalDomain 

respectively give the decimal and thousand separator setup by the user 
in the control panel

	put replaceText(shell("defaults read NSGlobalDomain 
give the currency symbol

Actually, input the command "defaults read NSGlobalDomain" in the 
Terminal list many of the user's preferences.

I will try to find a solution on W2K later.


On Sunday, Dec 14, 2003, at 15:02 Europe/Paris, Rob Cozens wrote:

>> I'm working on the problem to know the decimal separator defined in 
>> the system, on MacOS X and W2K.
> Hi Thierry,
> While one can use "system date" syntax to find the date separator and 
> order of the month, day, & year elements, I have found no way to 
> determine the Control Panel settings for decimal & thousands 
> separators and the currency symbol via Transcript.
> Lacking "system numberFormat" syntax, I created my own solution:  All 
> number formatting handlers in Serendipity Library look for a 
> numberEditMask property in the calling stack.  If the property is 
> empty, the Library displays a modal "Number Edit Mask" dialog stack to 
> set it.  From the dialog the user can enter a one-char thousands 
> separator, a one-char decimal separator, a one to three char currency 
> symbol, and instructions as to whether the currency symbol is prefixed 
> or appended.
> I don't particularly like the fact that the user must be prompted for 
> number formatting preferences even when they are already known to the 
> OS; but lacking a means of discovery via Transcript otherwise, what's 
> a mother to do?
> Adding system date/time functions was a step in the right direction 
> for localization (except system time doesn't return any time separator 
> other than ":", regardless of the system settings); however the job 
> won't be completely finished until Transcript can also inform the 
> developer what number format is in use on the currently-running 
> system.  Until that happens, I humbly offer Serendipity Library's 
> number formatting support:
> <>
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