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Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Dec 14 07:14:05 EST 2003

Bon jour Thierry,

> Hi Igor,
> I'm working on the problem to know the decimal separator defined in 
> the system, on MacOS X and W2K.
> I've found your mail in the list, but no reply to your question.
> If you had any answer, please could you share it ?
> Thanks.
> Regards.
> Thierry.
>> Is there a way to find out what character the user has selected in
>> their system as the 'decimal separator'? How about the 'thousands
>> separator'?
>> Thanks,
>> --
>> Igor de Oliveira Couto

don't know what solution Igor miht have, but use 2 little funtions to 
the german "," decimal separator:

function ohnekomma xyz  ## german for without_comma :-)
   repelace "," with "." in xyz
   return xyz
end ohnekomma

and use it for calculating things:
put ohnekomma(fld 1) + 10.3 into the_result

function mitkomma xyz  ## with_comma :-)
   repelace "." with "," in xyz
   return xyz
end mitkomma

and this for display purposes:
put mitkomma(the_result) into fld "german numbers"

Of course you will have to know the currently used decimal separator
to use it...

But this will cover europe and almost every english speaking countries
i think... (?)

Hope that helps...

Au revoir

Klaus Major
klaus at

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