Calendar and notes app

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sat Dec 13 15:23:08 EST 2003

I'm looking for an application for a small group of secretaries to use 
to do 2 things. The results of their work should be ultimately updated 
to a web page for others to view but they would have a more interactive 
interface to it. I'm thinking client-server type of interaction.

	1. A communal note field. This would be used to update notes for the 
day including who is out sick, on travel, etc.

	2. Scheduling of a small number of conference rooms (i.e. 4) as 

I've looked around for something that does this but the only things I 
can find are either more sophisticated group calendaring applications 
which is overkill for what I want both in complexity and setup or try 
to do it with just with a web server and some sort of HTML editor which 
is too cumbersome for these folks.

It seems to me that Rev would be a natural environment to do this kind 
of app in and am considering writing one myself. However, I don't feel 
like I know enough about generating web pages and don't have the time 
available due to other projects. It seems like Tuviah's chat example 
would be an easy model to do the client-server part (with 
modifications) and then either have the app save html files to a web 
server or have the app itself be the web server which would be even 

What I am really hoping for is that someone else has already done this 
or is working on such a program and become a customer of it.

Bill Vlahos

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