Setting IP-properties.

Dar Scott dsc at
Fri Dec 12 13:03:21 EST 2003

On Thursday, December 11, 2003, at 11:55 PM, Gunnar Wallier wrote:

> I want to create an application that can set the IP-adress, netmask 
> and default gateway of my own computer. Can this be done with 
> Revolution?

I have not done this, but this looks like a useful capability, Gunnar.  
I would welcome (on this list or direct) hearing how this works out.

Platform?  Are these changes intended to survive reboot?

On Windows Revolution can make registry changes, run programs (shell), 
make system calls in an external and change I/O driver files (as 

On OS X Revolution can use AppleEvents/AppleScript, run programs with 
shell, make system calls in an external and presumably change 
appropriate files.

On Mac OS Revolution can use AppleEvents/AppleScript, make system calls 
in an external and perhaps change some files.

There is a similar capability on Linux.

So, I think the answer is yes.  Now, "how" is another question.

(BTW, the IP address, netmask and default gateway are all TCP/IP 
properties of an adaptor and a computer might have more than one 

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