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On 12/12/03 3:51 AM, Dom wrote:

> Ken Ray <kray at> wrote:
>>Personally, I think the whole auto-resizing menubar is funky... 
> Personally, I do think that the auto-resizing is one among of the worst
> features of the MetaCard engine ;->
> Along with the auto-troncature of the "File" menu on OS X machines ;->>
> Modifying things behind the user's back should be a NO-NO!!!

Rev modifies lots of things for us in order to make its cross-platform 
ability so useful. It modifies the window style to match the OS. It 
moves the Help menu item into the right place depending on the platform. 
It modifies the colors of the stack of the windows to match the user's 
choices, unless you tell it not to. These are helpful features and it is 
what makes Rev so uniquely powerful.

OS X puts a "Quit" menu item into the application menu automatically. 
There is no way to stop it. When OS X was first released, and before Rev 
was changed, we all saw two Quit menu items in every standalone we 
built. One was in the application menu (put there by the OS) and the 
other was in the File menu (put there by the developer.) It was one of 
the most-requested features that the extra Quit should be removed. If 
Rev did not modify this, you would still see two Quit menu items in 
every app you built. It's a feature, not a bug, and it is one of the 
helpful little details that eases our work.

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