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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Dec 11 13:41:16 EST 2003

Dennis F. Kahlbaum wrote:

> As many newbie users have stated, the documentation for RR is lacking.

With nearly 3,500 pages' worth of docs, it can be a bit daunting at first
until you discover the search tool.

> If you go through the tutorials, there is a sudden jump form learning
> basic items to having to analyze an entire example project.  This jump
> misses many common items found in GUI-based programs. As a newbie
> myself, I am having difficulties with creating and processing radio
> buttons (both multiple select and single-only select from multiple
> choices), check boxes, scrolling lists with scroll bars, and scrolling
> lists with check boxes.  I have searched the various RR web sites...

Try searching the docs:  Help->Search Documentation

In v2.1.2 there are 21 entries found when I searched for "radio buttons";
entries 8 and 9 in the results list sound like just what you're loking for.

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