Newbie Help

Dennis F. Kahlbaum kbomb at
Thu Dec 11 10:23:00 EST 2003

As many newbie users have stated, the documentation for RR is lacking.
If you go through the tutorials, there is a sudden jump form learning
basic items to having to analyze an entire example project.  This jump
misses many common items found in GUI-based programs. As a newbie
myself, I am having difficulties with creating and processing radio
buttons (both multiple select and single-only select from multiple
choices), check boxes, scrolling lists with scroll bars, and scrolling
lists with check boxes.  I have searched the various RR web sites for
help with these items, but to no avail.  Therefore,  I would definitely
appreciate obtaining simple, working example stacks showing how to
program and process these common GUI features.  (If you can think of
other GUI features that proved troublesome as you learned RR, please
feel free to offer examples of those, too).

Thank you very much in advance.

Dennis F. Kahlbaum
University of Michigan

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