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Bob Hartley bob at
Wed Dec 10 05:56:18 EST 2003

At 18:25 09/12/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Everyone,

Hi Rod

>Firstly thanks to everyone who sent me information on the software they 
>are developing. This is the final call (if you like) for this year and I 
>would be grateful if anyone who has an application in development could 
>complete the short summary below and send it back to me in the next 24 
>hours, you can still send information in after that point but it's too 
>late for the current year.
>Application Name: PicMover
>Version: 1
>Availablility: Now
>Publisher: Armbase
>Website: For download.
>Contact Email: bob at
>Platforms: Microsoft windows
>OS X Native?: No
>Demo available: no, full application
>Price: free
>Description (30 words or less)
>This is a quick way to search directories for filetypes and move them 
>en-masse. It was develpoed to transfer the RGB-channel files from a biorad 
>confocal microscope.

Bob; Sunny Glasgow 

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