Database: Passing values between cards in a stack

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In my initial attempt to pass a global variable, I failed to use a "call" 
command to trigger the handler  placing the values of my global variable(s) 
within the field(s).

I have trashed the hidden fields...

Many thanks to a "true friend" for putting my train back on the track....


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What is the preferred methodology for passing values between cards in a 

I have successfully created two data entry/query forms (each representing a 
table in my database).  I would like to pass key values between the cards, 
placing these values within fields on the called card.

I am currently attempting to get this functionality via a group of hidden 
fields, replicated from my main card and an "on openCard" statement which 
populates the fields.  Is there a better (ie. more reliable or more easily 
implemented) way to do this?

Many thanks,

Melvin Cox

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