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Mon Dec 8 08:39:40 EST 2003

Mathewson wrote:
> A long time ago I made a request for a RR version for RISC
> OS - call me retro, out-of-the-loop, fishface, whatever -
> but the merry de facto standards of WINDOZE and MACINSPLOSH
> will not be with us forever (gosh, I hope not - awfully
> boring) and as the risk of computer viruses becomes greater
> and greater the RISC OS people with their flash ROM OS
> might just be the wave of the future.  Personally I would
> love an Iyonix and one of the things that puts me off is
> the lack of power apps for that platform.
> Please, Please, support RISC OS (hey, I've got a BBC MICRO
> rotting in the cupboard).
> Richmond
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I'd second that, although not a RISC OS 
user now. I'd love the choice to develop 
and work with my support tools on RISC OS.

Very nice platform.

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