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At 08:52 08/12/2003, you wrote:
>A long time ago I made a request for a RR version for RISC
>OS - call me retro, out-of-the-loop, fishface, whatever -
>but the merry de facto standards of WINDOZE and MACINSPLOSH
>will not be with us forever (gosh, I hope not - awfully
>boring) and as the risk of computer viruses becomes greater
>and greater the RISC OS people with their flash ROM OS
>might just be the wave of the future.  Personally I would
>love an Iyonix and one of the things that puts me off is
>the lack of power apps for that platform.

Hi Richard.

Are you in Dundee? I think I say an abertay link somewhere on your site. 
I'm in Glasgow.

As for power apps well here are some standard apps I have.

There is a word 2K compatable word processor.
http://www.iconsupport.demon.co.uk/  AND it riuns on 800K

Artworks (that later became xara) has been updatad by Martin Wurtherer

There are more like vantage, photodesk, Eureka (spreadsheet)
Textease, that looks like a kids office suite but when you use it you 
realise it is packed with power and you get your work done in half the time.

I use 1st statistics etc etc as well

AND you can now emmulate a RISC OS machine on windows for 30pounds (an old 
A5000) or run apps on windows with VirtualRiscPC that will ruun them about 
the same speed as a StrongARM desktop.


The A5000 version has BBC BASIC in ROM and I think the RISC OS 4 version 
(RiscPC) has it as well.

>Please, Please, support RISC OS (hey, I've got a BBC MICRO
>rotting in the cupboard).

YES I already suggested to runrev that I knew of a platform that would 
benefit from runrev.

NOW here is something that you might find of interest. If you look closely 
at the rail screens for train times they run on RISC OS. Who wants to be a 
milionaire runs on RISC OS. Many broadcast boards (for the BBC, and I mean 
the TV company) are slot-ins for a RiscPC like the millipede graphic board 
(I think these are about 2.5 grand alone).

However, the real market is in embedded instant startup machines. EG in 
medical imaging. If you are going from one patient to another with a 
semi-portable device (mostly with custom software) and you need to wait for 
a PC to boot this takes time. OR run a ROM based RISC OS machine and you 
get a 3 second delay (including launching the application). This is a VAST 
market. As is metalurgical diagnostics etc etc etc

Also since the ARM chips are so power efficient you can get a solar powered 

Remember the windup radio from Trevor Bayliss. They said it would never 
take off. :-)

Please port RunREV to RISC OS :-)


>See Mathewson's software at:
>http://members.maclaunch.com/richmond/default.html    and
>Great Macintosh Products
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