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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Dec 7 20:54:13 CST 2003

At the upcoming Rev Con in SF I'll be discussing plug-ins, aimed at
introducing Rev newcomers to using and building Revolution plug-ins.

To better tailor what's covered it would be helpful to get some input from
you folks:

- What's your favorite plug-in, and why?

- Where do you look for plug-ins?

- Have you encountered any conflicts betwee plug-ins, and if so what
happened? (image ID conflict, stack or variable name conflict, messages not
being passed, etc.)

- Do you prefer the more hip form of "Plugins" or the more grammatically
correct but possibly staid form, "Plug-ins"?  (It's a small thing but if I'm
going to make handouts I should at least spell it correctly. <g>)

- Fill in the blank:  "The plug-in I want to see is one that does _______".

Thanks in advance.  Feel free to email them to me directly, or I suppose you
could post your response here if you feel it's on-topic.

PS: If you haven't read Sarah's articles on Rev tools at revJournal yet you
owe it to yourself: <>
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