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Sat Dec 6 09:18:52 CST 2003

Hi Thomas J McGrath III,

> Klaus,
> As usual, Thanks for the prompt reply.


> So the real kicker here is that the dontusequicktime does not actually 
> happen on the Mac.
> That was what had me stumped.
> I sent a letter to the 'Boss' asking if it was OK to require the end 
> users to have quicktime installed.

I hope that "iTunes for Windows" will become more wide-spread, since it 
comes with he latest
version of QT -> 6.4 :-)

> That would of course be the best approach and the easiest for me. But 
> if not then I can still do it
> via the export to .png and then display via ONE graphic and handle the 
> code via script.
> That brings up another question: If I use the .png files and write 
> generic code to handle the
> loading of images from a folder then I might be able to gain a bit 
> more control over individual
> slides i.e. if a slide has 'links' on it I can stop there and allow 
> the user to click on a clear button.
> I know we can mark a card but is there a simple way to mark an image???

No way...

But you could workaround by creating several groups with the 
appropriate "noop" buttons it
and show/hide them as needed...

A clever naming will really help in that case :-)

Like setting the group's name to the filename of the correspondig image,
then you could script something like:

hide grp (the filename of img "my_pp_sildes")
set the filename of img "my_pp_sildes" to (next/prev/last/first 
show grp (the filename of img "my_pp_sildes")

You get the picture... ;-)

> Thanks again Klaus and have a good weekend yourself...
> Tom


Klaus Major
klaus at

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