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At 15:20 06/12/2003 -1000, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of sound software that runs on OSX that will convert 
>Window Media Audio files to AIFF or MP3? There are some really fabulous 
>hand held gadgets out there that will record high quality sound you can 
>stick the thing in a little fire wire dock and transfer to your mac and 
>listen... problem is we need to take those WMA formats and turn them into MPG.

found this on the 3vix forum

Yes! I've done it! There is a GOOD way to decode WMA on a mac!

Tools you need:
1. Audion

2. You may need a registered version of Audion...not sure about this one. 
Mine is registered and I'm not sure what the trial version is capable of.

What to do:
1. Set up Decoders in Audion. To do this in select "Console" in the "Tools" 
menu. Make sure the WMA decoder is on in the decoders tab.

2. Set up Decoders in Audion. To to this hit the "Encoders" tab in the 
console. Here you can set up what you want to convert the WMA into.

3. Select "New Playlist" from the file menu.

4. Drag your WMA files onto this playlist.

5. Select "Encode All Playlist Items" in the "Tools" menu.

6. Wait for a few minutes and you have decoded your WMA files!

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